Why should you consider booking local movers through Bellhop?

Trust us when we say that we understand – moving is stressful. In fact, in a survey done by OnePoll, they found that 45% of Americans believe moving is the most stressful life event, followed by divorce. If you’re feeling overwhelmed on deciding how to hire local movers, we assure you that you are not alone. Bellhop is a national moving company, operating in over 30 states, and over 141 cities across the nation. They’ve developed their own technologies in order to bring the moving industry into the modern world. Through means of simple online booking, pay-as-you-go rates, direct communication with your movers along with Bellhop Support, and more.

You might be thinking – but Bellhop is a national moving company, I’m looking for local movers in my area. We understand, and that’s why Bellhop prides themselves in having multiple ways to maintain a localized experience through a nationally backed company. Keep reading to see how it works, and why you should hire local movers through Bellhop.

Why You Should Hire Local Movers Through Bellhop Bellhop Blog

Pro Requirements

Bellhop refers to the movers on their platform as pros, because with Bellhop’s backing and training, they become professionals in the industry. Pros are required to live in a certain radius around the city/market area, and be familiar with the area. This helps to prevent any delays or confusion with certain addresses. For example, the pros need to be aware of when rush hour is in their cities, to hold themselves accountable and make sure that they arrive in a timely fashion to the start time of the move. They need to be experts in moving, but also experts in navigating any heavy traffic or delays within their city – same with our trucks.

For each move, there is one captain who oversees the rest of the pros, to ensure things are running smoothly and efficiently. Every pro that starts on Bellhop’s platform, starts as a recruit – which helps them learn the basic skill set and guides them on their journey to becoming pro status. Beyond pro status, those who stand out as role models in their markets, receive a certain amount of high quality scores/reviews, and have demonstrated that they are an expert in the industry, become captain status. Prior to your move, through Bellhop’s Customer Dashboard on their website, customers are able to see the pictures and names of each pro who will be on their move. This provides transparency and also gives customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the local pros who will be caring for their items. Bellhop ensures that those leading each team, and those on each team, are constantly representing the high standard set for local movers through Bellhop.

Market Managers

Besides just requiring a certain level of expertise within pros, Bellhop also requires expertise within the individuals who directly oversee each of our city markets. Bellhop’s Market Managers are people who are directly responsible for the pros, trucks, ratings, and feedback in each of our service areas. These individuals often accompany our pros on moves for training purposes or when an extra set of hands is needed.

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For our larger markets such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle – Market Managers are required to live in the area to be able to directly oversee issues and needs of that specific market. For other markets that do not require the Market Manager to be a resident there, those individuals are required to visit a certain amount of times a year, for training, being on site for larger scale moves, and to review everything directly in person to ensure each pro in every market is abiding by the standards set for local movers through Bellhop.

Area Circumstance Awareness

Alongside specific requirements for our pros and the managers who oversee each market, another way Bellhop makes their national company feel specialized to each city on a local level is through requiring our Customer Operations Department at headquarters to be aware of any inclement weather, important events, major traffic delays, or other potential situations in your city that could cause your move to not run as scheduled. Our operational experts at headquarters make a point to be aware of these circumstances, in order to get in touch with customers in advanced to inform them of any potential delays or reschedules before the customer even calls in to make Bellhop aware.

Though Bellhop is a national company, they aim to understand local issues in each area in order to provide efficient and reliable communication with their pros, trucks, and most importantly, their customers. Bellhop aims to work around all potential delays or circumstances out of their control – so long as a move is still able to be ran, the company will do what they can to work around any thunderstorms, major concerts, delays from interstate traffic, and everything in between, aiming to make hiring local movers through Bellhop as hassle free as possible.

Why You Should Hire Local Movers Through Bellhop Bellhop Blog

Regardless of national status, Bellhop cares on a local level.

Bellhop understands that though they provide local and long distance moves on a national level – losing touch of any local market they serve is not an option in order to provide the utmost care and five star experience within an industry known for letting people down. Each move, no matter how small, is as crucial to Bellhop as it is to the person being moved. Bellhop is not only moving a person’s inventory, but also their life, all while assisting in new beginnings for customers moving into a new home, or sometimes a whole new city. Before they were nationally known, the company served as a moving service for college students on Auburn University’s campus. Though they have grown and expanded, Bellhop hasn’t forgotten that behind every move is a person, a family, and a life. Next time you’re looking at moving, consider hiring local movers through Bellhop. We got you.


Nick Valentino