Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day exist to magnify the accomplishments of women and work to end gender discrimination, bias and inequities. In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to highlight the incredible women here at Bellhop. Currently, women make up 33% of Bellhop’s workforce. We’ve highlighted just a few of their outstanding accomplishments below.

Von Petty

Inbound Sales Associate

I am an artist at heart and care a lot about people. I love to bake, draw, and care for my guinea babies. My favorite thing about working at Bellhop is talking and connecting with my peers and my bosses. Everyone is so nice, yet very goal-oriented. They are very encouraging and all offer to help me out when I need to be pointed in the right direction. 

Women are amazing and beautiful in more ways than one. There are women in my life that I look up to and strive to embody in my own life choices. We have been put down and counted out for so long, and I feel that it is time that we celebrate ourselves and each other for simply being wonderful women. 

One woman I admire is Viola Davis. She is a force of nature. A whirlwind of talent and beauty. She is a Black Queen that reminds me of how amazing we are.

Eunice Chung

GM/Director, Program Ops

I’m a Chicago native, but have also lived in Atlanta, Seattle, and Chattanooga over the last 12 years. My biggest hobby right now is sports, both playing and watching. I’m a bit of a sports nerd, so the Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Cubs have given me some heartburn in recent years (although no one can ever take away the Cubs’ 2016 Championship), but there’s always next year!

Bellhop - "Best Movers Ever'

I will always remember my first busy season here in 2019. There was such incredible energy in all of our locations, with everyone working together towards a common goal and celebrating constantly along the way. That’s when I knew Bellhop was something special.

Bellhop has given me the freedom to explore different projects and initiatives which have pushed me and ultimately allowed me to grow in my career. If there’s a problem and you have an idea to fix it, Bellhop fully supports you exploring and owning it.  

To me, Women’s History Month means a time of celebration, appreciation, and learning. I am constantly learning new facts about women, their accomplishments, and what they had to overcome. I have a greater sense of appreciation the more I learn. 

One woman I admire is Indra Nooyi, who was the CEO of Pepsico between 2006 – 2018 and is widely considered one of the most successful CEOs in recent decades. Nooyi’s approach to leading is something she coined as “Performance with Purpose,” which anchors on building a business model that is deeply rooted in driving good for all stakeholders, not just in a financial sense but also a very human sense.

Adrianne O’Connor

Captain & City Operations Associate

I am 42 and live in Fort Worth, Texas. I have a 14-year-old son and two dogs named Murray and Bella. My favorite hobbies are cycling and reading personal development books. I am super passionate about human behavior and psychology. I’m excited about pursuing my psychology degree and becoming a college professor!

One of my favorite Bellhop memories includes going to my apartment after a fun and easy move and playing a game of Monopoly with the guys! I appreciate that Bellhop provides me the tools and equipment I need when I ask for them. 

The Better Way to Move

To me, Women’s History Month is a time to highlight women in history who have persevered in the face of adversity. One woman I have always admired is Maya Angelou.


Kaitlunn Wilkerson

Customer Operations Training & Process Specialist

I am currently a third-semester master’s student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Since the pandemic, I have found a love for recreating drinks and meals from my favorite restaurants. I also enjoy creating, DIY projects, and calligraphy. I have a sassy Chihuahua-Jack Terrier pup, Olive, who is never far behind me! 

One of my fondest Bellhop memories was my first All Hands company meeting shout out. I’d been on the team for a short time, in a new city, and trying to keep up on a male-dominated team. My manager at the time begged me to go to this meeting and I was so glad I did! I had surpassed our team’s metrics for Customer Satisfaction rating. It meant so much to me! 

Bellhop has helped me grow professionally by allowing me to bring my ideas to the table and have a hand in their fruition. I am surrounded by the most supportive and innovative people. I am so grateful for the mentorship and management I have received at Bellhop. There is always a laugh to be had at Bellhop, which I have found brings the most success! 

Women’s History Month for me means remembering and honoring the women past, present, and future that fought to give voices for all women in healthcare, education, the workplace, and more. In 1920, women were given the right to vote—just a little over 100 years ago! It’s also a reminder to uplift those strong women in your life that have made changes in your life and others. For me, Women’s History Month means my mother, my sister, my teachers, my mentor, and my wonderful, amazing female coworkers!

An influential woman I admire is my Bellhop mentor, Joanie Love. She may not be famous, but she sure should be. Joanie is one of the kindest, most giving people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. She’s always willing to listen and helped me develop professionally and personally.


Erin Smith

Bellhop Pro

I was a competitive ski racer and tennis player. I am now a student at the University of Denver. I love meeting new people and helping them move. It’s a great experience to work with a bunch of guys moving and lifting heavy furniture. It surprises a lot of them! When it comes to Women’s History Month, I think every day is worth celebrating. A lot of my female heroes are female athletes in general.


Susy Korb

Board Member

My main interest is humanity—how it works and how empathy can make the world a better place. On a lighter note, I watch an embarrassing amount of TV, but I knit while I watch to feel a little less guilty about it. 

I have moved homes twice with Bellhop, and the spirit and enthusiasm of the team was amazing. Even though they were long, hard days, we had a lot of fun! I love working with the CEO Luke Marklin and the Board to help Bellhop become a truly great place to work. It requires listening and learning and a culture of constant improvement.

To me, Women’s History Month means to not be passive about change. Equal opportunity is a huge, systemic issue around the world that won’t get better unless we talk about it, and take concrete steps to change it. A woman I particularly admire is Rosa Parks.

Harrison Stevens