Welcome to Oakland (AKA “The Town” or “Oaktown”)! It’s a scenic (and sometimes eclectic) city that caters to everyone from new parents looking for an affordable first home and good elementary schools to young professionals hoping to move up the corporate ladder.

With highly rated schools, entertainment, restaurants, and employment opportunities, you can’t go wrong in Oakland. The city has the ocean, diversity, culture, history, and many welcoming communities to choose from in different price ranges.  

If moving to Oakland is for you, then keep reading for a list of the best suburbs in Oakland. We hope it saves you some time!

The best suburbs in Oakland

Moving to Oakland can be a great decision for a growing family if you choose the right suburb. Not only is it more economical than other cities in California, but it’s also just as beautiful and diverse, with plenty of places to move to when you feel the time is right.

Below are some of the best suburbs in Oakland, broken down into what would appeal best to families and young professionals.

Best suburbs of Oakland for families

Nine times out of ten, most families who are looking to move to Oakland start by checking out an Oakland safe neighborhoods map. After all, when kids are in the mix, you want to feel that they are safe when they are at school and out playing with their friends. 

That said, here are a few Oakland suburbs with high safety ratings that would be a great place for kids:


Imagine raising your family in the breathtaking Oakland Hills with a great view of the San Francisco Bay. Picture what it’d be like to fill your weekends with all the outdoor adventures and shopping. That sounds like a great life if you ask us, and when you live in Piedmont, CA, that all can become your reality.

Piedmont is a small suburban city in Alameda County, less than five miles from Downtown Oakland. (Many people have also dubbed it one of the safest neighborhoods in Oakland.) That means that if you want to live in a quiet neighborhood but escape Downtown every so often for some fun, Piedmont would be a great fit for you.

The city has a number of top-rated elementary and high schools, including Piedmont Avenue Elementary School, Beach Elementary School, Corpus Christi School, Piedmont Middle School, Montera Middle School, Claremont Middle School, Piedmont High School, Holy Names High School, and Oakland High School.  

In terms of what there is to do in Piedmont, you have multiple beautiful parks and playgrounds at your fingertips. A personal favorite is Piedmont Park. You can also take your kids to the Children’s Fairyland, Oakland Museum of California, and Museum of Children’s Art if you’re up for a quick drive. Then, afterward, why not grab a bite to eat at one of the city’s best restaurants? We recommend The Wolf, Lo Coco’s, Grand Oaks Restaurant, The Crepe Pan, or Mägo.


Looking for a beautiful, safe suburb to raise your kids in while they’re young that, like Piedmont, is centrally located and surrounded by hills? That’s Moraga for you! This suburb is in the East Bay in the middle of two cities: Orinda and Lafayette.

One resident says, “There is no better place to raise a family than Moraga…if you can afford it. But it is a lovely town with lovely people, and a great place to take in some nature, eat some good food, or do a little shopping (all in near vicinity).

In Moraga, you have the Moraga School District, Donald Rheem Elementary School, Los Perales Elementary School, Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, The Saklan School, Campolindo High School, Orion Academy, and a few others nearby. 

For activities, you can check out the Redwood Trail, the Moraga Commons Park, or the Moraga Farmers’ Market. As for restaurants, you’ll find many to choose from in Moraga, including Noodle Theory, La Finestra Ristorante, Ranch House Cafe Moraga, and Mucho Wraps. 

Moraga takes the cake as the top place to move to with your family in Contra Costa County, and while there isn’t a ton of things to do in the suburb for adults and teenagers, elementary-aged kids and toddlers are sure to love it there. 

Walnut Creek 

As you may have gathered, the East Bay has many suburbs that would make a great place to raise your kids, and Walnut Creek is no exception. Located less than 20 miles from Oakland and a quick drive to the rest of the San Francisco Bay area, this family-oriented neighborhood might just be for you. 

One of our favorite things about Walnut Creek is how easy it is to commute. That’s because the city is near I-680, SR-24, and the BART, so you can travel virtually anywhere and everywhere you please as it suits your schedule. This makes it extra convenient for working parents who have to travel to other parts of the Bay area during the workweek. 

When it comes to schools, you can enroll your kids in the Walnut Creek School District, Buena Vista Elementary School, The Seven Hills School, Walnut Creek Intermediate School, Foothill Middle School, Las Lomas High School, and Northgate High School–to name a few options. 

You also have lots of places to take your kids in the city for fun. Pencil in the following stops on your schedule, and you won’t regret it: Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Century Walnut Creek 14 and XD, The Ruth Bancroft Garden, Borges Ranch, Broadway Plaza, Buttercup, Chicken Pie Shop, and Mona’s Burgers & Shakes. 

Best Oakland suburbs for young professionals and singles 

Where do most young professionals and singles live in Oakland? All over the city! Usually, you want to stick near your workplace or at least close enough so that you’re not spending what feels like your whole day in your car, unable to enjoy your off-time because you’re battling traffic. 

Plus, you want bars, restaurants, and activities where you can meet people like yourself who like to do the same things you do. If you’re a young professional or single person, try one of these suburbs of Oakland, CA: 


Can’t figure out why Albany sounds so familiar? If so, it’s probably because it’s the location of Golden Gate Fields, the Bay area’s famous racetrack! This quirky, stylish Oakland suburb sits along the East Bay in the northwest region of Alameda County. 

One of our favorite things about the suburb is its retro atmosphere. There are bright-colored signs and homes with flat tops near Albany Hill Park, which take you back in time and give the city a certain charm that you just can’t help but love. 

Another nice thing about Albany is that it’s just a mile from Berkeley and five miles from Oakland, so whether you’re commuting to be close to the University of California, Berkeley, or work, Albany is a great location to call home. (Psst.. It’s even called the “#1 best suburb in the San Francisco Bay area,” and we’d go as far as to say that it’s one of the best suburbs in Oakland for young professionals.)

As a single or young professional living in Albany, you’ll appreciate the many things there are to do. For instance, you could spend your weekend at Club Mallard, The Bone Room (fossils, anyone?), Albany Bowl, or Albany Aquarium. And if you’re in the mood for a good burger, check out the Albany Taproom, 310 Eatery, Boss Burgers, or The Habit Burger Grill. Albany also has many other great bars and restaurants nearby, including the Hotsy Totsy Club, Tierney’s Sports Bar, and Fonda. 


Many young professionals move to Emeryville, a tiny suburb to the northwest of Alameda County and smack dab in the center of Berkeley and Oakland. A big draw to this city is Pixar Animation Studios. If you work there, you’ll find that living in Emeryville is an easy choice so that you’re not commuting for hours on end.

Emeryville also has many other top employers, including LeapFrog, MobiTV, and The Center for Investigative Reporting. Many people equate life in Oakland to living in an affluent business community. 

So, why should you move to Emeryville besides for employment? One resident says,“…There’s easy access to the Bay Bridge and a free shuttle to the nearest BART station that runs during the days. There’s a ton of retail, a great cafeteria-style international food court, two theaters, and some waterfront parks (and the Berkeley Aquatic Park borders it, too).

Emeryville also has the Emeryville Marina, Bay Street, McLaughlin Eastshore State Park, Point Emery, and many tasty spots to eat out at (Honor Kitchen & Cocktails, Hidden Spot Emeryville, Trader Vic’s Emeryville, etc.). 

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