The Best Places to Live in Nevada (A 2019 Guide)

Best places to live in Nevada.

The state of Nevada is known for lots of things… like Unidentified Flying Objects, old country westerns, Sin City (which we will riff on more about here in a moment) and some ultra mysterious place called Area 51(oh, and by way of introduction, we’re Bellhops—Nevada movers and particularly Las Vegas movers.

But, rarely, if ever when people think of Nevada do they think of a potential place to call home. This is unfortunate because Nevada is a state with endless perks, rugged beauty and one of the most exciting (and liveable cities) on planet Earth. We delve deep into what moving to Nevada looks like in this massive guide where we cover everything you need to know before packing up your bags and moving to the state.

But, today, we want to share with you three of the best places to live in Nevada… we will go ahead and kick things off with the city you’re probably already thinking about.

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1. Las Vegas… so much more than Sin City.

If you’ve ever seen Las Vegas, you know exactly what we mean when we say the city is a sight to behold. Whether you’re flying or driving to Las Vegas, you will feel yourself lose your breath when you first lay eyes on the desert metropolis.

Most people only head to Sin City to celebrate and this is why when the vast majority of folks hear the words “Las Vegas” one phrase immediately comes to mind… “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

And, understandably so. Sin City is filled with… well… fun, debauchery, tom-foolery and more mischief than you can shake a stick at. It truly is one of a kind.

The state of Nevada has made prostitution legal and has passed laws that specifically prohibits any local or state law to make public intoxication an offense. Oh, and it’s one of the few states that has passed a law allowing for the 24-hour sale of alcohol. And… we can’t forget about gambling either.

Naturally, when the only rules are that there are no rules, things can get out of hand quickly and they usually do in Las Vegas.

Or, at least on the strip which is a sight to be seen in and of itself… while it is 4.2 miles long it sports over 75,000 miles of neon lights. Don’t worry, we already did the math for you. The Las Vegas Strip’s neon lights are 17,857 times longer than the actual strip itself.

But, what many people don’t realize is that there is so much more to Las Vegas than what the advertisers depict in commercials and magazine advertisements. It’s not just Sin City, it’s much much more than this.

For one Las Vegas boasts 300 days of sunshine with the average annual temperature sitting right around the 80-degree mark. And, while during the summer it can get pretty hot (the locals shrug it off as dry heat), you also enjoy some perks of this heat, too. How do pool parties sound around Halloween and perhaps even Thanksgiving? It stays hotter much longer in Las Vegas than it does most other places.

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You will find yourself taking full advantage of the wonderful weather as you explore some of the best hiking in the United States. Climb up the tallest mountain in Las Vegas, Frenchman Mountain. Or, go on the Calico Tanks Hike where you can cool off in some lovely pristine waters at the end of it.

And, you’re going to need all the hiking and outdoor activities you can get because Las Vegas boasts some of the best dining in the world. Michelin star chef after Michelin star chef lines The Strip with some of the most extraordinary restaurants you’ll ever have the luxury of dining at.

And, folks take full advantage of this fine dining, too. Believe it or not, more shrimp is consumed in Las Vegas each day than the rest of the country combined… over 60,000 pounds. It’s good to be in the shrimp business in Las Vegas.

As an added bonus, rent in Las Vegas isn’t nearly as high as what you might expect. The average rent for a one bedroom apartment is a little over $1,000 a month. Not bad when you compare it to places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.

So, who is Las Vegas for?

While we can’t say Las Vegas is for everyone… we feel very confident saying young adventurous professionals will have the time of their lives working and living in Sin City. It has some great companies headquartered there, too. Ever heard of Zappos?


2. Reno, the biggest little city in the world.

Reno refers to itself as the biggest little city in the world. That’s cute and all. But, what does it mean? Well, while today Reno sits at an impressive population of just under 250,000 residents… it’s a big and rapidly growing city that still feels very much like a small town.

We forsee Reno only growing faster as one of Elon Musk’s biggest projects to date continues to develop. Tesla is in the midst of constructing a Gigafactory right outside Reno which is planned to be the largest building in the world.

And, while the Reno startup scene hasn’t fully developed just yet… it is well on its way. It was reported in the summer of last year that five Reno startups will be bringing 125 new jobs to the city (and millions of dollars in investments). Could it be the next Silicon Valley? Well, that might be a bit of a stretch but… we’ve seen crazier.

Now, besides the interesting innovation taking place in Reno, there is some beauty there too.

In Reno, you will have amazing access to the great outdoors… ever heard of Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States and one of the purest lakes in the world. It’s 99.994% pure… bottled water is 99.998% pure… if that gives you an idea of just how pure it is.

Thousands of people flock to Lake Tahoe every single year to camp, hike, swim, boat and ski. So, while Reno can get pretty hot in the summertime, don’t you worry… you’ll have access to one of the loveliest bodies of water in the world to cool off in.

Unfortunately, while Reno is much smaller than Las Vegas it is a bit more expensive to live there. The average rent in Reno is right at $1,300 a month… roughly $300 more than it costs to live in Las Vegas.

So, with that said, who is Reno for?

Reno is definitely for those that aren’t feeling some of the wildness that comes with living in Las Vegas. And, perhaps for those looking to be a part of what potentially could be a bustling startup scene. While, yes, you’re going to pay more to live there… it might be worth it if you’re looking for a smaller city with a big town feel.


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3. Henderson, just a stone’s throw away from Las Vegas.

About a 24-minute drive southeast of Las Vegas is a city half its size called Henderson. At 300,000 people it’s not nearly as big as Las Vegas but certainly nothing to scoff at.

One massive benefit of living in Henderson is being in close proximity to Las Vegas without having to live in Las Vegas. While at an average rent of $1,200 you’re going to pay a little more living in Henderson than you will living in Las Vegas, you might find it to be worth it.

And, if you’re a family with young kids wanting to move to Nevada but are perhaps skeptical of Las Vegas, we’ve got great news. Back in 2011, Forbes Magazine named Henderson one of the safest cities in the United States.

And, while Reno certainly has the best lake in Nevada… Henderson’s lake is up there too. Lake Mead is a beautiful body of water set in a lovely rocky landscape and the perfect place to escape the crazy heat of Nevada.

So, who is Henderson for?

We would recommend Henderson for the individual with a family that wants to live in Nevada but maybe doesn’t want the craziness of Las Vegas. If that’s you, you will feel right at home in Henderson in no time.

So, where is the best place to live in Nevada?

With most of our best places articles, we will highlight an MVP of the group… the creme de la creme. Unfortunately, with Nevada, it’s a bit difficult to choose the city that’s the “best place” to live. Why? Because they are all so different from one another. Those who would love living in Las Vegas might despise living in Reno and vice versa.

So, we will say this, pay a visit to all three cities first and then decide from there. While Las Vegas might get a bad rap for being “Sin City” you might find after a weekend trip that there is plenty to do besides debauchery on The Strip.

And, with all that said, if you find yourself needing a helping hand during your next move… be it to Las Vegas or really anywhere around the United States, just give us a call.

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