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Moving tends to reduce the funds inside anyone’s bank account, but did you know there are places all over the United States that will pay new residents? We’ve listed them below, along with details on the offers. And when you’ve found the right place for your next home, we’ll help you make it happen. We’re Bellhop, and our mission is to make moving – across the state or across the nation – as stress-free as possible. 

Cities in Alabama that will pay you to move

Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia

If you’re a remote worker making $52,000 or more per year,  can relocate within 6 months of being selected, and you’re 18 or older and eligible to work in the United States – you may qualify for $10,000 under the Remote Shoals program. The Shoals area includes the cities of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia. You’re a mere 2-hour drive to Birmingham, Nashville, or Memphis, and 1-hour flight to Charlotte via Contour Airlines. The real estate is affordable (median housing price of $204,917) and the property taxes and cost of living is low. It’s a diverse area with a rich musical, cultural, and creative heritage. 

Cities in Alaska that will pay you to move


Move anywhere in the state, enjoy your first year as a resident and apply for Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend. Typical payout is around $1,600 (it varies, based on the state’s yearly revenue – in 2022 it was $3,284). You qualify for payments each year that you live in the state. And you’ll also benefit from some of the lowest tax rates of any state, amazing scenery, open spaces and the adventure of living in America’s last frontier.

Cities in Arizona that will pay you to move


If you’re a remote worker, the Remote Tucson program offers perks such as $1000 in support to help with your relocation costs. You’re also eligible for a slew of freebies and discounts on services ranging from temporary housing, fast internet, meals, social clubs and free coworking spaces. To qualify you need to be able to move to Tucson within 6 months of being accepted, have full-time remote employment outside Tucson and Pima County, be 18+ years old and eligible to work in the U.S, and have an income of $65k or more. 

Cities in Arkansas that will pay you to move 

Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, and Lowell

Heads up, techies! Applications for the Northwest Arkansas Council’s Life Works Here program are no longer being accepted, but the Council is still interested in attracting STEM talent to the area. It’s worth touching base with them to see what’s available if you make the move. Northwest Arkansas includes the cities of Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, and Lowell.

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Cities in California that will pay you to move 

There are no current “get paid to move here” offers for remote workers or other individuals, but California does offer tax incentives for businesses who want to relocate. See what you might qualify for here.

Cities in Colorado that will pay you to move


Colorado seems to really want you (and everyone else) to move to the state. There are dozens of homeownership assistance programs offering loan programs, grants, and second mortgage loans for down payment/and or closing cost assistance. A good place to start looking is the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. One offer that first-time buyers can qualify for is 4% of your first mortgage, so long as you meet income requirements. But check the site to see if you are eligible for other offers as well. 

Cities in Connecticut that will pay you to move

New Haven

New Haven is about as cozy-picturesque as a city can get, and the local government is kind enough to help you move there. Their Livable City program offers up to $10,000 for first time home owners, and zero interest forgivable loans that can be used for: down payment, closing cost or the combination of both down payment and closing cost. There are various stipulations, and additional benefits for those who qualify, so spend some time reviewing the offer before you start packing. This is a great offer for new college graduates!

Cities in Delaware that will pay you to move

New Castle County

The First State boasts a super-low cost of living, no sales tax, and some of the prettiest, most pristine beaches on the east coast. New Castle County offers some great relocation incentives, you may want to check out their Neighborhood Stabilization Program which offers affordable homes for sale throughout the county. Each home has been extensively rehabilitated and updated with various green technology improvements to provide new owners with long-term affordability. There’s also a First Time Homebuyer Program which provides loans between $1,000 and $5,000 at a low rate of 3% for the purchase of any home under $202,900. See what you might qualify for here

Cities in Florida that will pay you to move

Florida is having no problem convincing people to move to the state, so there are currently no incentives on offer. But if you’re one of the many who want to relocate to the Sunshine State, you won’t have to pay state or city income tax, which can save you a bundle. Florida is also known as a business-friendly state, if you are a business owner that will create jobs in the state it’s worth checking with the appropriate Chamber of Commerce and local city government to see if there are any financial benefits for relocating. 

Cities in Georgia that will pay you to move

During the height of the pandemic the state was offering some peachy deals for remote workers in tech fields, but searching for those opportunities today brings you to blank web pages. Best bet for those craving southern charm in cities like Savannah is to comb through the incentives on the Savannah Economic Development Authority website and see if you can find a match for your skill set/business.

Cities in Hawaii that will pay you to move


This isn’t a cash-for-relocation deal, but we think it’s a hugely valuable offering so we’re putting it on this list. The Hawaii Talent Onboarding Program (HITOP) is a 6-week, place-based acculturation program, designed to help people learn the Aloha spirit. Through cultural education, community service and networking, you get to learn about Hawaii, build your ability to work effectively in the community, meet people, and make connections. If you want to find your place in the islands, check this out. 


Nothing here!

Cities in Illinois that will pay you to move


Like bagels? You may want to move to Matoon, IL., the “Bagel Capital of the World” and home to Bagelfest. The city’s relocation package for remote workers offers $5,000 cash towards moving expenses, $500 in restaurant vouchers, free memberships to coworking and fitness spaces, and a slew of gift cards for shopping and services. Altogether, it amounts to about $12,000. Matoon is a small city that feels more like a close-knit town, with good schools and greenspaces. 

Cities in Indiana that will pay you to move

West Lafayette

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana is building a first-of-its kind remote working community on campus. Ideal for engineers, entrepreneurs, builders, creatives and innovators who have the flexibility to work anywhere and want to live and work among the brightest minds on the university’s campus. Benefits if you relocate include $5,000 stipend, networking events, professional development programming, and entrepreneurial services through the Foundry.

Discounts on co-working spaces, discounts on housing, access to University events, library and other perks plus more. To see if you qualify, check the details here. 

Cities in Iowa that will pay you to move


This one is for home buyers. Newton, Iowa offers $10,000 cash to new home buyers and builders through its Housing Initiative, plus a “welcome” package worth over $3,000. To qualify, you’d need to purchase a new single-family home construction worth more than $190,000 (the median price for a home in Newton $134K, according to Redfin). From your new home in Newton, it’s only a 20 minute drive to Des Moines, Iowa’s capital city.

Cities in Kansas that will pay you to move


Choose Topeka for your new home and you might get $15,000 in benefits. The Choose Topeka program is a Relocation Incentive plan that is intended to encourage employers to move staff to Shawnee County, Kansas. There’s also a special offer for military service members. This is a place that has it’s priorities right – Topeka is “caffeinated and motivated,” has plenty of music festivals, and is accredited as a great place for pets to live

Cities in Kentucky that will pay you to move


Remote workers: transplant your roots to Owensboro, and you could qualify for a $5,000 stipend to cover your relocation expenses, free memberships for the local fitness center and botanical garden, free tickets to the area’s best cultural events and other perks. If you are employed full-time in a remote position, or are self-employed and able to bring your business anywhere, fill out the form and see if you qualify. If you’re a bluegrass music fan, this is the offer you’ve been waiting for!

Cities in Louisiana that will pay you to move


Located in North Louisiana, Ruston is a lively college-town (he area is home to both Louisiana Tech University and Grambling State University), with a 22-block historic downtown district and a thriving arts culture. If you’re a remote worker, you could qualify for a $10,000 grant awarded over a 3-year period, discounted University athletic events, and the support of a community liaison to assist with move-in and community connections. Check out your eligibility status and get the details here.

Cities in Maine that will pay you to move


From paying off college loans to honoring veterans for their service, Maine has some terrific offers for folks who want to move to the state; they’ve even dedicated a whole website to them. There’s also a “highly vetted” job board for temporary and permanent positions. 

Cities in Maryland that will pay you to move


Baltimore is working really hard to help make buying a house easier. They’ll take you on a Trolley Tour of the city, provide workshops with tips on how to manage the whole process, and connect you with lenders, real estate agents, neighborhood associations, community organizations … and many other local resources. After all that, you can apply for the $5,000 Buying Into Baltimore down payment and closing cost assistance incentive. Baltimore boasts a low cost of living, a vibrant food scene, and a funky culture unique to the city. 

Cities in Massachusetts that will pay you to move

Your best bet for finding “pay me to move here” perks in Boston is the Built In Boston website, which lists companies that are looking to hire – we’ve filtered it to show the companies that offer relocation assistance. There are currently no other relocation packages in Massachusetts.

Cities in Michigan that will pay you to move 

NONE: filler copy can be deleted – Southwest Michigan was offering people $15,000 in incentives to move to a beautiful coastal community only 90 miles from Chicago. Sadly, they aren’t accepting new applicants right now. But keep an eye on the Move to Michigan website for further updates, and check the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for opportunities that may help you relocate now. 

Cities in Minnesota that will pay you to move

Bemidji and Claremont

Bemidji, legendary home of Paul Bunyan and the headwaters of the Mississippi River has a couple of relocation offers for remote workers and home buyers, which you can checkout right here. The remote worker package includes internet service, co-working space, chamber of commerce membership, and a community concierge. Or, if really small town living is your thing, join the 660-person community of Claremont,and get a free lot for single-family home development. The town’s premiere community event, Hogfest, features street dances, sports tournaments, water wars, a pancake breakfast, a tractor pull, and of course, a pig roast.

Cities in Mississippi that will pay you to move


Once known for attracting the rowdiest river travelers, Nachez is now the oldest town on the Mississippi river and sits at the heart of the Americana Music Triangle (road trip fans, Google it). Shift South, a remote worker incentive program, encourages folks to make the city their new home. Be aware that you’ll need to purchase property in Natchez with a minimum value of $150,000.00 to be eligible for the $2,500.00 reimbursement for relocation expenses and $300.00 a month for one year.

Cities in Missouri that will pay you to move

Poplar Bluff

Midway between St. Louis, Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee, Poplar Bluff is about as scenic as it gets and serves as a regional hub for education, health care, banking, retail and manufacturing. On offer: a package that totals up to about $11,000 in relocation reimbursements ($5000), free services and gift cards to welcome you to the community. While you’re at it, check out the list of resources here.

Cities in Montana that will pay you to move

Sadly, for those longing to live in Big Sky Country, there are no specific “pay me to move to your state” offers currently available in Montana. But check out the state’s Come Home Montana site, and reach out for connections and info – where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Cities in Nebraska that will pay you to move


Otherwise known as “Nebraska’s Easter City,” Curtis is offering free land and cash incentives to young families who want to live in a small town (less than 10,000 residents) with an excellent golf course and a renowned Palm Sunday pageant. Check out the details at the town’s website.

Cities in Nevada that will pay you to move

Las Vegas

Bet you want to move to Las Vegas! While they don’t offer a relocation package (no city in Nevada does) you can get help launching your great idea – if the idea benefits people, communities and/or the city. Get the details about pilot programs and other STEM-centric projects on the Innovate Vegas website. 

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Cities in New Hampshire that will pay you to move

Live Free or Die is the state motto, and so it makes sense that they’re unwilling to pay people to move there.

New Jersey

Nothing we found for the garden state.

New Mexico

Nope! Nothing here.

Cities in New York that will pay you to move 

Rochester and Niagara Falls

New York’s fourth-largest city, and (surprise!) is the country’s #2 best wine regions. The Greater ROC Remote offers remote workers up to $19,000 in incentives just for moving to the region. You need to be an 18+ year old full-time remote worker who currently lives 300+ miles from downtown Rochester, eligible to work in the U.S. and able to relocate to Greater Rochester within 6 months of being accepted by the program. And the City of Niagara Falls will pay $3,492 per year and up to $6,984 for two years towards your student loans. Requirements for eligibility include good credit and you’ll have to live in one of their “targeted neighborhoods.” 

Cities in North Carolina that will pay you to move


Entrepreneurs, this one’s for you. Asheville has a terrific collection of resources for startups, including microloans, a local angel investors fund, free access to mentorships, pitch opportunities, and much more. Spend some time exploring the options on Venture Asheville. 

Cities in North Dakota that will pay you to move

Across the state

The “Peace Garden State” is taking a personalized approach to encourage you to move there. Their Relocation Help Desk aims to give future North Dakotans a direct line to everything you need to make your move – jobs, community connections, local advice, etc. Get in touch and see what support/perks are available to you.

Cities in Ohio that will pay you to move


If you graduated within the past seven years from a STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, the arts, or mathematics), Hamilton, Ohio wants you. Just north of Cincinnati, Hamilton’s Talent Attraction Program (TAP) scholarship offers STEAM grads $300 per month, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Cities in Oklahoma that will pay you to move


Tulsa Remote wants to enhance its workforce community by bringing “diverse, bright and driven individuals to the city for community building, collaboration and networking.” Sounds great, right? And they’ll help you move with $10,000 and other excellent perks to help you settle in and make friends fast. You need to be able to move to Tulsa within the next 12 months, have full-time remote employment or are self-employed outside of Oklahoma, be 18+ years old and eligible to work in the United States. Tulsa is an amazingly livable small city, with big city amenities and real heart. Definitely worth checking out if you meet the requirements. 

Cities in Oregon that will pay you to move


Ontario is a small, rural town on the Oregon Trail, bordering Idaho, that’s dubbed itself the “Gateway to Adventure.” They have big plans to revitalize the town. They’ll give you $10,000 in cash to build a new house. Check out their housing incentive program, and the home must be built within 24 months of applying in order to qualify. Gotta love a town that has an Annual Tater Tot Festival!


We couldn’t find anything for Pennsylvania.

Cities in Rhode Island that will pay you to move


The Wavemaker Fellowship provides a financial incentive for graduates pursuing a career or starting a business in Rhode Island in science, technology, engineering, math, design, healthcare and other key sectors, by defraying student loan payments for up to four years. 

If you’re chosen, you’ll also be invited to participate in various personal and professional development programs, social and professional networking opportunities, community-based events and more.

South Carolina 

Nothing here – in fact they are thinking of charging people to move to the state )

Cities in South Dakota that will pay you to move


The state’s $1000 Workforce Incentive program is designed to address the workforce shortage in retail, restaurants, hospitality, grocery, trades, and many other businesses. Individuals from out-of-state who come to work in South Dakota can receive $1,000. Check out eligibility requirements and get an application here.


Nothing here. (GeekMove is no longer accepting applications to move to Chattanooga)


NONE (apart from a couple of very rural areas offering people lots to build on – no website, you’d have to call the city. There’s another offering for a wellness center membership)


Nowhere in Utah, but if you

Cities in Vermont that will pay you to move


Well, the good news is that insanely-scenic and community-minded Vermont does have a program to help you relocate to the Green Mountain state, if you have a job with a Vermont business or can bring your remote job with you. The bad news is that the Think Vermont program has been such a success, it’s overloaded with applications and needs to get more funding. If you want to move to Vermont, and don’t mind waiting, you can sign up here


Nowhere we found in Old Dominion, I’m afraid. Let us know if you find anything!

Cities in Washington that will pay you to move


Have student loan debt for your education in health-related fields? You can move to Washington state and receive up to $75,000 in reimbursements through the Washington State Loan Repayment Program. You’ll need to live there for three years before you can start collecting.

Cities in West Virginia that will pay you to move

Morgantown, Greenbrier Valley, Eastern Panhandle, Greater Elkins

This is an uplifting deal. Ascend West Virginia, a talent attraction program for remote workers, is offering $12,000 (plus free outdoor recreation options) for those who move to the Morgantown Area (lively college-town vibe), the gorgeous Greenbrier Valley (quaint small-town  American culture) Eastern Panhandle (historic charm) or Greater Elkins (mountain living). Check out the details here.

Cities in Wisconsin that will pay you to move

Fond du Lac County

Fond du Lac is offering an incentive ranging up to $15,000* and any business, regardless of size and industry, located within Fond du Lac County is eligible. Hit the job boards, see what the area has to offer, and ask employers if they are participating in the program.


Nothing here, sadly! But let us know if you know something we don’t.

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