Did you know Atlanta is named after a railroad company? In the mid-1830s, the state of Georgia approved the Western-Atlantic Railroad’s plan to bring the railroad into the region. The railroad created a “place on the map” terminus for its rail line into the Midwest. The “Terminus” was represented as Milepost 0 on the farthest west rail stop. Within a few years, businesses and homes settled around the last stop as other railroad companies ended their rail lines at the Terminus.

By the early 1840s, the Terminus was renamed Marthasville in honor of the daughter of Wilson Lumpkin, former Georgia Governor, Congressman, U.S. Senator, and General Manager of the Western Atlantic Railroad. Incorporated on 23 December 1843, residents agreed that Marthasville wasn’t representative of a growing city. J. Edgar Thompson, chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad, claimed that Atlanta is the feminine version of the Atlantic.

How does this relate to Atlanta’s suburbs? Because of it’s history as a railroad town, Atlanta has always had bustling suburbs up and down the railroad tracks, and later, highways. If you’re looking for a safe, family-friendly (and affordable) suburb of Atlanta, below are a few excellent options to choose from. And why trust us? We’re Bellhop, movers in Atlanta (and beyond.)

View from Atlanta suburbs of downtown Atlanta


While Conyers, Georgia, is only 24 miles from downtown Atlanta, the city kept its small-town Southern charm. The city is the namesake of Dr. W. D. Conyers, a prominent banker who played a pivotal role in bringing the railroad to the region. Conyers convinced John Holcom, one of the first settlers in Georgia’s Rockdale area, to sell his land to make room for a rail stop. Conyers quickly sold the land to the Georgia Railroad for a hefty profit.

Conyers at a Glance

Fans of the 1996 Olympic Games might recognize the Georgia International Horse Park, built specifically for equestrian events. Conyers kept its small-town Southern charm even as network television released hits like The Dukes Of Hazzard, filmed locally in and around Conyers.

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  • Home Prices–The median price for a home in Conyers is $273,000. The average price for a one-bedroom rental property is $1,049.
  • Demographics–According to the 2020 Census, Conyers has a population of 17,305, a 14% increase from the 2010 Census.
  • Schools–The Rockdale School District has nineteen schools providing education for 16,775 students.
  • Crime and Safety–Conyers, Georgia, has a crime rate slightly lower than the national. Crime Grade gave Conyers an overall crime and safety grade of B-, putting it in the 43 percentile. Generally, some areas are safer than others, with the most crime occurring in the Southeast part of the city.

Locust Grove

Locust Grove, Georgia, got its name from a grove of locust trees in the area. The town expanded among the locust trees, creating several unique outdoor spaces. While Locust Grove was incorporated in 1893, the city became a major shipping hub for the region’s cotton and peaches long before it was an official Georgia city. Located 36 miles southeast of Atlanta, the original Locust Grove town center extended ¼ mile in each direction from the railroad station, then gradually expanded over the decades.

Locust Grove at a Glance

At about 45 minutes drive one way to Atlanta, Locust Grove is a bedroom community for people that commute to and work in Atlanta, just 36 miles from the city center. Historically, the city takes pride in its ties to the railroad, with the train viewing platform a popular local attraction. The region also has Noah’s Ark, an animal s

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  • Home Prices–The median price of a home in Locust Grove is about $360,000, with the average rent coming in at just over $1,700 per month.
  • Demographics–As of the 2020 Census, Locust Grove had a population of 8,947 people. The median household income is $57,799. About 25% of the local population meets the threshold for poverty.
  • Schools–Locust Grove’s schools are run by the Henry County School System. There are eight public and one private school in the area.
  • Crime and Safety–Locust Grove has an A+ grade and is among the top 3% of the safest cities in the country.

Forest Park

Like most small towns in the Atlanta Metro Area, Forest Park, Georgia, used to be a railroad stop. Before official incorporation, the area was called Forest Park Station, a Macon and Western Railroad line stop. As the land around the station started being purchased by businesses and other residents, the city officially dropped the station from the name.

Forest Park at a Glance

Forest Park is a commuter’s dream, located about eleven miles south of Atlanta. Area attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens are plentiful. In a lasting World War Two legacy, nearby Fort Gillem, founded in 1941, became part of the city in 1973.

  • Home Prices–The average price of a home in Forest Park is $210,000, considerably lower than other Atlanta suburbs. The average rental price of an apartment is $1,200.
  • Demographics–Current Census data show that Forest Park has a population of 19,932. The median household income is $37,370, with just over 20% living in poverty.
  • Schools–Clayton County Board of Education runs eight schools in the Forest Park area. This includes five elementary schools, two junior highs, and one senior high.
  • Crime and Safety–Some areas in Forest Park, Georgia, are safer than others. This is particularly true in the northwest part of the city.


The area just south of Atlanta is steeped in American History. Radford E. Morrow settled 13 miles south of Atlanta and eventually owned 1,000 acres. When the state of Georgia started pushing for railroad station stops throughout the region, Morrow Station became another stop on the Macon and Western Railroad line to and from Atlanta. Morrow’s mansion was destroyed by Sherman’s March to the Sea at the end of the Civil War.

Morrow at a Glance

Morrow, Georgia, is home to Clayton State University and the Southeast Region Branch of the U.S. Archives. The region also boasts the Reynolds Nature Preserve, 146 acres of unspoiled nature. With miles of trails, the Preserve provides a place to escape Atlanta’s busy lifestyle.

  • Home Prices–The median home price in Morrow, Georgia, is $230,000. The average monthly rental price is $1,331.
  • Demographics–The 2020 U.S. Census listed Morrow’s population at 6,569 people. Morrow’s median household income is just over $70,000 annually. The poverty rate is about 14%, a few ticks lower than surrounding cities.
  • Schools–Clayton County Public Schools run the education system in Morrow and adjacent areas. CCPS has 68 schools providing education to 50,000 students.
  • Crime and Safety–Morrow has a C+ crime rate grade, about where the average U.S. city falls in the crime rate grading scale.


Redan, Georgia, is a Census Designated Place east of Atlanta in Dekalb County. The story goes that the name “Redan” comes from combining N. M. Reid and Annie Alford, two early settlers in the area. Redan is about thirteen miles east of Atlanta.

Redan at a Glance

Living in Redan gives residents access to world-class local attractions and outdoor areas. The Georgia Aquarium and Stone Mountain Park are unique, family-friendly activities. The Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve is a Dekalb gem with more than 500 acres of woods and open spaces.

  • Home Prices–The median home price is $265,000. The average monthly rent is $1,451.
  • Demographics–According to the 2020 Census, the Redan CDP has a population of 31,749 people. The median income is about $57,000 annually, with just over 16% living in poverty.
  • Schools–The Dekalb County School District is one of the largest in the state of Georgia. With more than 130 schools and 92,000 students, the School District employs 6,600 teachers.
  • Crime and Safety–Like most places with urban sprawl, Redan and surrounding areas have safe and not-so-safe places. Generally, the northern parts of Redan are safer than neighborhoods to the east.

Moving to Atlanta?

Because of its rich railroad history, Atlanta has a geographical center, an actual place with a geographical position. As Atlanta expanded, planned suburbs began to develop in spokes outward from Milepost Zero. If anything, Atlanta is a planned city with colorful neighborhoods and suburbs that still exist. Conyers, Lotus Grove, Forest Park, Morrow, and Redan are just five of the most affordable suburbs of the Atlanta Metro region. If you need help with your move to the Atlanta suburbs, give us a call. Our services offer worry-free solutions for a busy world. We offer long-distance moving services in Atlanta, as well as local Atlanta moves. We even offer last-minute moves in Atlanta.

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