With its seamless blend of city life and historic Southern charm, Charlotte has a lot to offer. Nicknamed “the Queen City,” Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. It acts as the financial and cultural center of the Southeastern US. 

The Queen City’s bustling economy, charming historical roots, and vibrant arts and culinary scene all contribute to its growth.

In 2022, Charlotte ranked 5th among the nation’s fastest-growing cities by population growth. Amid this growth, the entire state of North Carolina has been seeing a surge of new residents and an 11.2% increase of millionaires between the years 2019 and 2020. There’s no doubt that Charlotte’s dynamic atmosphere is steadily attracting new high-net-worth individuals that desire to live an affluent and luxurious lifestyle. What better way to do that than to live in one of the most upscale and sophisticated neighborhoods of Charlotte? 

In this article, we’ll be exploring the richest neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina to give you a glimpse of the millionaire lifestyle. 

A Brief Overview: Charlotte and Its Neighborhoods

Whether you want to watch the Charlotte Hornets play, check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame, or hop on a historical tour, there’s something for everyone in Charlotte. The city caters to a younger demographic with 57% of the population being under the age of 40, which means it’s teeming with opportunity and lively energy. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. 

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From the sprawling landscapes of Myers Park to the trendy streets of NoDa (short for North Davidson), each neighborhood in Charlotte contributes to its distinct character. Charlotte’s diverse communities showcase a city with a mix of both history and modern life. The Queen City’s steady population growth and thriving economy make it one of the most sought-after places to live in the Southeastern US. 

The 6 Richest Neighborhoods in Charlotte


Eastover is a prestigious community that consistently ranks as the richest neighborhood in Charlotte with its timeless charm. Bordered by scenic parks and located approximately 3 miles southeast from downtown Charlotte, Eastover remains serene while still being close to the heart of the city. The neighborhood is also known for its architecturally diverse homes and showcases a wide variety of meticulously crafted houses in styles ranging anywhere from Tudor to Mediterranean. On top of that, having boutique shopping and top-tier dining establishments just moments away only adds to the appeal. 

Eastover remains timeless with its quintessential Southern hospitality and well-preserved historic character, making it one of Charlotte’s most exclusive and luxurious neighborhoods. 

Median Home Value: $1.7 Million


Known for its elegant homes and spacious lots, Foxcroft has earned its reputation as one of Charlotte’s most prestigious and sought-after neighborhoods. Foxcroft was originally developed in the mid-20th century to cater to Charlotte’s elite, which is still evident in the neighborhood’s character today. The area is conveniently located near a wide range of attractions, including upscale shopping districts, dining establishments, and recreational activities. Not to mention, it’s only approximately 7 miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Charlotte. Foxcroft’s HOA helps to keep the neighborhood aesthetic consistent, while also organizing events for the community. 

Foxcroft’s everlasting appeal lies in its timeless beauty and commitment to preserving its heritage, which offers residents a polished and inviting place to call home. 

Median Home Value: $1.6 Million

Myers Park

Located just West of Eastover and approximately 3 miles south of downtown Charlotte, is the affluent neighborhood of Myers Park. Home to the Myers Park Country Club and Freedom Park, there’s no shortage of recreational activities to do in the area. Its close proximity to the Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center and the Queens University of Charlotte make it convenient for those working in or seeking medical or educational facilities. Being minutes away from both green spaces as well as the city allows Myers Park residents to have a balanced lifestyle and great quality of life. 

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With its beautiful homes and convenient location, Myers Park continues to attract residents who are looking for a refined yet vibrant lifestyle. 

Median Home Value: $1.4 Million

Myers Park Historic District - James Willamor, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons
Myers Park Historic District

Freedom Park

As the name suggests, Freedom Park is a neighborhood situated just west of a greenspace called Freedom Park. The park itself is shared between the Freedom Park and Myers Park neighborhoods, and boasts an impressive 98 acres of recreational facilities, gardens, and a pond. Despite being a great place to lose yourself in nature, Freedom Park is also in close proximity to the Park Road Shopping Center, Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center, and downtown Charlotte. 

The central location of this neighborhood gives residents a quiet, suburban feel, while still having access to modern conveniences. 

Median Home Value: $995,000


Hembstead is a picturesque and wealthy neighborhood located approximately 11 miles southeast of downtown Charlotte. Many of the charming and diverse homes in Hembstead were built in the late 20th century, offering modern amenities and spacious layouts. From the events hosted by the Hembstead HOA to the Hembstead Swim and Racquet Club, the neighborhood residents pride themselves on their strong sense of community and inviting atmosphere. 

Hembstead offers residents a tranquil yet exquisite lifestyle that appeals to those who are seeking a balance between a quieter way of life and access to urban amenities.  

Median Home Value: $790,000 

Providence Plantation

12 miles southeast of Charlotte, you’ll find the sophisticated and serene neighborhood of Providence Plantation. The historical significance of the name comes from Charlotte’s past when the area was used for farming and plantations. The neighborhood’s character is defined by the custom-built homes that are situated on large, wooded lots that are set back from the road, which gives residents a sense of privacy and a peaceful environment. Having the McAlpine Creek Greenway nearby provides residents with an accessible greenspace where they can walk, run, and cycle along scenic trails. 

Providence Plantation is a suburban oasis surrounded by nature, making it the perfect place for those who are looking for a well-established yet calm neighborhood. 

Median Home Value: $775,000

There you have it – Charlotte’s Richest Neighborhoods

If you’re considering making Charlotte your new home, these 6 neighborhoods are some of the best in the area if you’re looking for prestige and exclusivity. From the elegance of Eastover to the wooded surrounds of Providence Plantation, there’s no shortage of diverse areas to choose from. The uniquely designed homes, upscale amenities, and close-knit communities create an enviable lifestyle for those fortunate enough to call these places home. As the city continues to grow and the landscape begins to change, these neighborhoods will undoubtedly remain an icon of Charlotte’s most affluent. 

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