Often called “Music City”, Nashville is famously known as the heart of country music where countless legends have started their careers. Beyond its music scene, you’ll find that Nashville offers so much more. From its thriving sports teams and booming food scene to renowned universities and historical charm, Nashville has it all. With plenty to see and do, it’s no wonder that Nashville is the country’s 22nd fastest-growing city and is also referred to as a “boomtown”. 

Unsurprisingly, Music City has been seeing steady population growth ranging between 0.90% to 3.26% every year since 1950, and it’s not expected to stop anytime soon. Nashville is still predicted to grow another whopping 11.25% between 2023 and 2035. 

While the affordable cost of living and vibrant culture in Nashville bring in new residents each year, there’s a multitude of different neighborhoods that cater to all budgets. If money is no object to you, Nashville is home to several wealthy areas and upscale communities where you can have a quiet retreat outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring 6 of the most expensive neighborhoods in Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re considering a move to Nashville, look no further to find your dream neighborhood. 

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The 6 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Nashville

  1. Belle Meade

Nested in a quiet area about 7 miles southwest of the heart of Nashville, Belle Meade boasts sprawling estates on acres of land that feature beautiful Antebellum-style homes. Once home to prominent families like the Cheeks of Maxwell House Coffee, Belle Meade radiates exclusivity and luxury. With a rich history, the neighborhood is also home to the Belle Meade Historic Site, which was established in the early 19th century and is now used as an event space and winery. 

While Belle Meade offers a quieter pace of life, residents can still enjoy easy access to downtown Nashville, along with other activities to enjoy nearby. Belle Meade is conveniently located next to Warner Parks, a popular destination for outdoor sports, and The Mall at Green Hills, an extensive shopping mall. 

Offering families a safe and upscale neighborhood, Belle Meade flaunts the perfect mix of Southern Charm and contemporary luxury. 

Belle Meade population: 3,016

Belle Meade median household income: $250,001

Belle Meade median property value: $17.425 million

  1. Sylvan Park

Sylvan Park is a trendy family-oriented neighborhood that’s located about 5.5 miles southwest of Nashville’s city center. In contrast to the expansive estates in Belle Meade, Sylvan Park caters to more diverse tastes and budgets with a unique blend of smaller, historic homes and modern, upscale homes. Not only will you find a welcoming community in Sylvan Park, but you’ll also find excellent Nashville schools and a community center, making it an ideal neighborhood to raise school-aged children. 

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Beyond its family-friendly appeal, Sylvan Park also tends to attract young professionals and those with active lifestyles. With convenient access to hip restaurants and cafes in addition to other shops and Centennial Park, this neighborhood is an easy choice. 

Whether you’re looking for a cozy home, a friendly community, or a convenient location, Sylvan Park offers a delightful balance of charm and convenience, making it one of the most in-demand neighborhoods in Nashville. 

Sylvan Park population: 37,363

Sylvan Park median household income: $63,287

Sylvan Park median property value: $1.095 million

Home in Sylvan Park, Nashville
  1. West Meade

Offering a unique blend of suburban convenience and rural charm, you’ll find West Meade about 10 miles southwest of Nashville’s city center. Similar to Sylvan Park, West Meade has a mix of housing options from spacious single-family homes to modern townhomes. The diverse range of homes in this neighborhood makes it a great option for families and young professionals alike. 

While there aren’t as many trendy shops and restaurants in West Meade, the area is still close to convenient amenities, including grocery stores, a farmers market, and local parks. On top of that, residents get easy access to the major highway I-40, which brings them right into the heart of Nashville’s vibrant core. 

For those looking for a family-friendly community while still having convenient access to the city, West Meade is an obvious pick. 

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West Meade population: 25,437

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West Meade median household income: $120,377

West Meade median property value: $998,000

  1. Green Hills

Located just 5 miles southwest of downtown Nashville, Green Hills is an area that’s known for its upscale shopping district and art culture. While exploring the neighborhood, you’ll find designer boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, and the Frist Art Museum. There’s no doubt that Green Hills caters to residents who appreciate the finer things in life. 

Beyond its luxury, Green Hills fosters a strong sense of community and offers top-tier schools for families with young children. Whether residents prefer to stay within the neighborhood or venture off into Nashville’s vibrant city scene, everything is conveniently nearby. 

Green Hills is a dynamic neighborhood that caters to a diverse range of residents, from fashionistas and artists to families and young professionals. 

Green Hills population: 14,586

Green Hills median household income: $120,377

Green Hills median property value: $965,088

  1. The Gulch

Once the heart of Nashville’s industrial zone, The Gulch has transformed into a vibrant and trendy neighborhood. Steps away from the city center, The Gulch is a popular spot for young professionals, artists, and anyone looking for an urban lifestyle. 

In this neighborhood, you’ll find historic brick warehouses that have been revitalized, turning them into trendy restaurants and rooftop bars. The Gulch is home to many different types of artists and creatives. Live music, art galleries, open-air murals, boutiques from emerging designers – the list goes on. 

While it may not be the ideal place to raise a family, it could be the perfect place for those looking to be in the center of vibrant nightlife and a lively atmosphere. 

The Gulch population: 18,100

The Gulch median household income: $59,406

The Gulch median property value: $865,000

  1. Hillwood Estates

Hillwood Estates is a quiet neighborhood nestled between Belle Meade and West Meade, just 8 miles southwest of downtown Nashville. The neighborhood is home to grand estates that provide its residents with a sense of luxury. With robust security measures and gated communities in place, residents also get to enjoy the utmost privacy and discretion. 

While Hillwood Estates prioritizes seclusion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the area is isolated. Residents are never too far from shopping destinations, restaurants, and other entertainment options in nearby neighborhoods such as Belle Meade and Green Hills. 

For those looking for the perfect blend of luxury and privacy with convenient access to the city and its surroundings, Hillwood Estates is an excellent choice. 

Hillwood Estates population: 5,378

Hillwood Estates median household income: $91,832

Hillwood Estates median property value: $697,500

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of moving to Nashville, these 6 neighborhoods are some of the best in the area if you’re looking for an upscale community. Nashville is home to many diverse areas, offering a spectrum of neighborhoods that cater to different lifestyles and budgets. From historic charm and sprawling estates to modern homes and contemporary living, Nashville has something for everyone. 

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