Moving to a new city is always challenging. And a large part of that challenge is looking for a place to live. This is true of Washington, DC. There are so many things to consider when weighing your options; house styles, Washington DC neighborhood safety, quality of DC schools, the convenience of location, and, of course, price. For prospective buyers who have pockets that are significantly deeper than average (and the average folks who are just curious), we’ve looked into some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the Washington, D.C. area (and when I say ‘we,’ I mean Bellhop—your friendly D.C. movers).

Washington, D.C. may be most famous for its historical and political significance, but locals also appreciate its diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. Among these neighborhoods, a select few stand out as some of the most exclusive and sought-after in the nation’s capital. We’ve found five of those neighborhoods and rounded up their median home prices, amenities, lifestyle, and any other factors that explain why homes there command a princely sum.

Washington DC’s Richest Neighborhoods


Median Home Price: $1,500,000

Georgetown tops the list because it is one of the most prestigious, most convenient, and most charming neighborhoods in DC. Its quiet residential streets, historic architecture, and vibrant waterfront draw in both residents and visitors alike. Homes in Georgetown come with a hefty price tag because of its history, great schools, dining, and of course, proximity to power.

Georgetown’s charming row houses and historic significance add to its allure. Even just a block from the main shopping and entertainment areas, the tree-lined streets are quiet and relatively free from traffic. This makes it a perfect place for families to take neighborhood walks. Georgetown is also home to some of the oldest homes in D.C., including The Old Stone House, the oldest unchanged building in the whole District. You simply can’t buy historical significance, so the scarcity of these old homes makes them more expensive. Of course, preserving these structures can take a fair bit of maintenance, which can contribute to higher homeownership costs. 

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As the home of Georgetown University, the neighborhood is synonymous with quality education. For scholars too young for college, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Hardy Middle School, Hyde-Addison Elementary, and the Duke Ellington School of the Arts will encourage them to thrive academically. 

But Georgetown isn’t just about history – some of the District’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment options are here right now. M Street and Wisconsin Avenue have all the boutiques, cafes, and antique shops you’d expect from main thoroughfares in old neighborhoods, and the scenic waterfront draws tourists and locals alike. 

Of course, this is D.C., and part of the appeal of Georgetown is its proximity to power. Georgetown is a reasonable walk to the White House, and the neighborhood’s proximity to government offices and the business district makes it a perfect place for the rich and powerful to call home.


Median Home Price: $1,300,000

Kalorama’s tree-lined streets and elegant architecture make it a natural fit for affluent families. The neighborhood’s history of housing ambassadors and dignitaries has solidified its reputation as a diplomatic hub, attracting a select cadre of residents. Unsurprisingly, Kalorama’s discreet atmosphere and security measures cater to those who value privacy and exclusivity. Despite the security measures, Kalorama feels quite inviting, as its spacious homes tend to come with meticulously landscaped lawns and carefully grown gardens.

Of course, the best homes and gardens in the world quickly lose their appeal if you must travel long distances to find fun! Luckily for Kalorama residents, that’s not a problem. While more residential than Georgetown, Kalorama’s proximity to Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan means upscale dining, hip coffee shops, and cultural events are close at hand. The nearby Phillips Collection and vibrant arts scene provide residents with more than their fair share of educational and entertainment options.

Perhaps best of all, though, living in Kalorama means you get to be neighbors with former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. There aren’t many residential areas on earth where you could chat up a former president at your neighborhood potluck. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to wave to President Obama as he goes out to get the paper in the morning?

Capitol Hill

Median Home Price: $850,000

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Capitol Hill’s historical significance and proximity to the seat of government make it a prime location for well-to-do residents. Would you expect anything less from the neighborhood named after the most powerful legislative body in the world? Capitol Hill’s status as the home of the U.S. Capitol and government offices attracts lobbyists, politicians, and professionals in the political arena. However, the prime location doesn’t mean residents have to sacrifice on atmosphere. Beautiful row houses with unique architectural features and abundant parks give Capitol Hill unparalleled historic charm. Plus, it’s home to Eastern Market, where a plethora of food vendors sell fresh bread, fruits, vegetables, and meat. On Saturdays, the neighborhood blocks off the street for a market where farmers, artists, and artisans hawk their wares. 

All these amenities, plus a strong sense of community, contribute to Capitol Hill’s desirability – and its price tag.

Spring Valley

Median Home Price: $2,000,000

Spring Valley provides a suburban feel within the District’s limits, attracting families and individuals seeking a tranquil, yet upscale lifestyle. Spring Valley offers more expansive plots of land, a rare find in urban environments, allowing residents to enjoy larger homes and yards. The fact that it borders a large park with streamside hiking makes it great for nature lovers, and its proximity to the C and O Canal trail appeals to cyclists and runners.

As with any high-end neighborhood, there are high-end schools close to Spring Valley. Renowned private schools like the nearby Sidwell Friends School attract families seeking exceptional education. American University is also in the neighborhood, so there is no shortage of intelligent residents to engage new neighbors in intellectual conversations.

While Spring Valley is more suburban, it is still close to all the conveniences of the city. There’s a metro stop nearby for commuters and plenty of bus stops along the edge of the neighborhood.

Chevy Chase

Median Home Price: $1,500,000

Chevy Chase offers an elegant retreat within the city, known for its beautiful houses and upscale amenities. While this neighborhood straddles the line between D.C. and Maryland, it’s still firmly within the D.C. area, meaning power-player residents can enjoy living in stately homes with lush lawns, but still be close to their offices. The abundance of green space, tree-lined streets, and a quieter pace of life attracts those seeking a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it comes at a price. Naturally, there is also high-end shopping. The Collection at Chevy Chase is a destination for anyone with an eye for style and a feel for luxury, featuring designer boutiques and upscale retailers.

Any mention of the Chevy Chase neighborhood would be incomplete without a mention of its eponymous country club. The prestigious Chevy Chase Club offers golf, tennis, and dining for the elite of the elite. The Club was established in 1892 and counts Supreme Court justices, famous journalists, and a seemingly endless roster of other powerful people among its members.

There you have it – DC’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Washington, DC’s most expensive neighborhoods offer a glimpse into the city’s more sophisticated living options. From the historical charm of Georgetown to the diplomatic demeanor of Kalorama, each neighborhood showcases unique features that justify their elevated home prices. Whether it’s proximity to power, top-tier education, cultural landmarks, or tranquil surroundings, these neighborhoods epitomize luxury living in the heart of the nation’s capital.

And if you happen to decide to relocate to these neighborhoods, or any of the more affordable ones, let us know! We have local movers in Washington, D.C., and offer long-distance moving services to D.C. as well. We can even take care of last-minute moves in D.C. if you’re pressed for time.

If you’re looking nearby, we also have movers in Richmond, movers in Baltimore, and movers in Arlington as well. 

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