Considering a career in the moving industry? Excellent choice! Working as a mover is a perfect job for someone who likes problem-solving, flexible working hours, staying fit and new experiences. 

We’re Bellhop, and as a national moving company focused on making moving simple and hassle-free, we have insider knowledge of this industry. In this article, we’re sharing what we know about some of the best benefits of choosing a career as a mover, as well as the challenges. We’ll also talk about what to expect from the work, opportunities for growth, salaries, unexpected perks and more. 

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The advantages of a career in moving

Physical fitness: Every job is a workout when you’re a mover, so you can expect that you’ll build and maintain your strength, stamina and overall health.  

“One key advantage that many movers I know agree on is that it’s essentially a paid workout, said  Dylan Hendricks, a Bellhop mover based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. “I’ve seen several people who started as recruits go from out of shape to in shape and fit just from a few months of working as a mover.”

And if you’re wondering just how physically challenging the work is, just like any job, there are days that you’ll wonder why you ever decided to choose this particular career. 

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“I’d say 50% of the time it is not that strenuous on your body, but sometimes you get a third- floor move with no elevator or a heavy item that will definitely be physically demanding,” said Hendricks. “And during the summer months when temps get up to 90-95 degrees it can be extremely demanding if you have a long move that is outside.”

Flexible hours for movers

Working as a mover gives you freedom from the 9-5 office routine, and a lot of control over when you want to work. 

“You really do decide your own work schedule as a mover,” said Hendricks. “For example you can “unclaim” (call off) any job as long as it is not within 72 hours. Also many movers in your market have a group chat where we constantly switch shifts with each other.”

And if you like getting your work done early in the morning, or prefer to work in the evenings, moving is definitely a job you’ll want to consider. Ditto if you prefer to be off work when everyone else is working – weekends are a popular time to move, so you can take off mid-week and not have to battle traffic and crowds wherever you go. Work-life balance is a definite benefit of being a mover. 

Every day as a mover is different

You’ll get to explore different locations in your town/city, and potentially your state and other states, depending on what type of moving services the company you work with provides. Many moving companies operate across different regions, so you can explore new places and get paid while you’re doing it. 

You meet great people: Moving brings you into contact with people you may never have had the opportunity to meet. 

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“I did not realize all the business connections you can make from moving people,” said Hendricks. “I have gotten business cards and phone numbers/emails from numerous successful people in the Chattanooga area. I even received a job offer to work for an interior designer from a Bellhop move, which I accepted last summer.”

Movers make good money

Salaries vary based on the region but generally you’d get paid $20 per hour for entry-level positions such as being part of a move crew. And don’t forget to factor in tips. 

“I did not know that you can make extremely good money from tips,” Hendricks said. “Some customers (though not all) will give you solid tips if you complete the move efficiently and have no damages to their items.”

High demand for movers means job security

Moving companies are always in demand because people move frequently throughout their lives whether it’s due to a new job opportunity, need for a fresh start or relocating closer to family members. There will always be jobs available for movers who are willing to work hard and provide excellent service.

Room for advancement as a mover

With time and experience, movers can advance to become crew leaders or supervisors. And many companies provide opportunities for movers to eventually take on management positions within the company. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, you can also leverage your experience to start your own moving company.


You’ll also learn or sharpen skills that can help you advance in any career, such as logistics, proactive problem solving and technical skills. Packing up belongings, loading them onto trucks, keeping track of inventory, and dealing with the unexpected (like traffic jams, road closures and weather conditions) to transport people’s belongings safely to their destination requires a sharp and logical mind – a benefit in business and in life. 

Setting yourself up for a great future

Every business needs to be customer-centric to thrive these days, and working as a mover proves that you have the expertise that is in high demand. Movers must have excellent customer service skills to succeed in their careers because they deal directly with customers daily. They must be reliable, punctual and able to communicate well with customers. And they have to be able to solve problems such as such as damaged items or delays in delivery quickly. This means being able to communicate clearly with others, step up to help teammates when needed to ensure customers are happy, and come up with solutions that make everyone feel good. 

Why You Should Hire Local Movers Through Bellhop Bellhop Blog

What skills do I need to be a mover?

Most reputable moving companies offer training programs to their employees to ensure that they know how to use equipment correctly and safely while keeping customers’ belongings secure during transportation. Training usually includes instruction on packing techniques as well as how to lift heavy items without causing injury or damaging property. 

To work as a mover for Bellhop, you need to be over 18 years old, be able to lift 100 pounds, have a smartphone so you can schedule work using our app, a checking account so we can pay you and access to transportation so you can meet your team at a designated site. If you meet those requirements, you need to pass a background check and go through our interview process to make sure you’re a good fit. 

We look for people who truly care about others, who constantly identify opportunities to improve and serve our customers and team. We want folks who will get things done the right way, even if it’s the hard way, and never settle for anything less. Our dedication to excellence resulted in Bellhop being named a Best Mover of 2022 by U.S. News and World Report, and our inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S. We’re a company that takes pride in doing the right thing for our customers and our people. And we also know that winning is fun!

So, yes, working as a mover requires a combination of physical and mental skills that make it both challenging and rewarding. This job isn’t for everyone but if you enjoy working with your hands while being able to provide excellent customer service, are a problem-solver with dedication and a sense of adventure – then it could be an ideal career path for you. Interested in learning more? Check out our moving careers page, and if it seems like the right fit, get in touch with us. 

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