Northeast of Atlanta lies Decatur, a small city in DeKalb County with a population of just over 24,000 people. This town has 32% of its residents under the age of 18, and it’s filled with folks seeking good schools and peaceful living. Crime rates in Decatur are lower than most major Atlanta metropolitan areas, offering peace of mind to those looking to raise a family or just enjoy a slower pace of live. The public school district, City Schools of Decatur, is very highly ranked at #4 in the entire state for top-notch performance and low student-teacher ratios.

Are you looking to make Decatur your family’s new home? Check out these top family-friendly neighborhoods to see if any are right for you. If you need help coordinating your move, contact your friends at Bellhop to make your relocation a breeze. We have Atlanta moving services available that cover Decatur as well.

Winnona Park

Located just 32 minutes by car to downtown Atlanta, Winnona Park is a beautiful neighborhood with a stunning historic district. It’s home to some of the best early education options in the state and a large park, both of which may attract those with young children or who are planning to have them and wishing to settle down.

What Are Schools in Winnona Park Like?

Schools in Winnona Park tend to do well, with Winnona Park Elementary School scoring an 6/10 on GreatSchools. The neighborhood is also home to the Waldorf School of Atlanta, a great alternative path for those seeking a more non-traditional approach to their children’s education.

What is Crime Like in Winnona Park?

Crime in Winnona Park primarily consists of petty property crime, such as vandalism or theft, and much of this can be deterred with the use of a robust security system. Violent crime rates are much lower, which can put residents’ minds at ease.

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Parks and Playgrounds in Winnona Park

The most pronounced park in the neighborhood is Winnona Park, which features a basketball court, a field and two playgrounds, one intended for younger children and one for older. These are situated amidst large trees with plenty of benches and picnic tables to provide a comfortable afternoon.

How Much Are Houses in Winnona Park?

Redfin estimates the median sale price in Winnona Park to be around $494,500 as of August 2023, down 25% compared to the previous year. The market is somewhat competitive and there’s not a lot of turnover, which may make finding the right home in this neighborhood a slight challenge.

Downtown Decatur

Downtown Decatur is just 33 minutes from Atlanta and offers an abundance of family entertainment. From restaurants and shopping to a playground and good schools, a family has good reason to feel attracted to this area.

What Are Schools in Downtown Decatur Like?

Downtown Decatur has a few private elementary and middle school options, but the most notable is its high school, which maintains high marks on GreatSchools. Decatur High School scores 8/10, with an above-average 10/10 score for college readiness and a 9/10 on test scores.

What is Crime Like in Downtown Decatur?

Crime in Downtown Decatur is pretty similar to the national average, which can be concerning to some families. However, stringent safety measures can help reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

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Parks and Playgrounds in Downtown Decatur

Downtown Decatur is home to several public green spaces, including Decatur Square, Ebster Park, Scott Park and Sycamore Park. They offer playgrounds, comfortable greenbelts for playing and walking areas to keep families active.

How Much Are Houses in Downtown Decatur?

Redfin lists housing prices in Downtown Decatur as averaging $320,000 as of August 2023. This cost is down 21% compared to the previous year. However, turnover is very slow. In August 2023, only six homes were sold in the neighborhood. The market is very competitive. Most homes receive several offers and sell within 15 days.

Decatur Heights

Clairmont Heights is loved for its family-friendliness, including for the furry members of the family. There are plenty of tree-lined streets and parks in the northern part of Decatur, and it’s home to some top-quality schools.

What Are Schools in Decatur Heights Like?

Students in Decatur Heights often attend New Glennwood Elementary School, which shows higher-than-average performance compared to schools across the state. With high proficiency rates and a 15:1 student-teacher ratio, it’s a great option for those seeking high-quality education. High schoolers attend the highly rated Decatur High School, one of the best-performing schools in the state.

What is Crime Like in Decatur Heights?

Crime in Decatur Heights is somewhat higher than national averages but is lower than those in the greater Atlanta area. Most of the crime is petty property crime.

Parks and Playgrounds in Decatur Heights

The only park in Decatur Heights is Glenn Creek Nature Preserve, offering a small natural area with walking trails lined with native plants. While there aren’t any playgrounds in this small neighborhood, there are several within a short driving distance that can offer places for families to get outdoors and burn some energy.

How Much Are Houses in Decatur Heights?

In Decatur Heights, houses cost an average of $510,000 in August 2023, 30% lower than they were in 2022. Like many of the other Decatur neighborhoods, turnover is slim, with just 13 homes sold in August 2023. The housing market is very competitive in this area, and most homes sell within two weeks after multiple offers.

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Moving to Decatur? Belhop Can Help

Decatur is a beautiful suburb northeast of Atlanta and has a lot to offer the families who live there. From stellar schools to beautiful, tree-lined parks and ample dining and shopping options, it’s easy to see why the area holds such appeal.

Choosing a new home is a big decision. After you’ve decided where to move, you often face an even bigger challenge: how to move all your belongings. Bellhop is here to help make the moving process as simple as possible by helping you coordinate your move. If Decatur—or any Atlanta suburb—is your final destination, visit our Atlanta movers page to get started.

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